Lamborghini Aventador Hire with Prestige Car Hire UK

Prestige Car Hire is offering an exciting range of Lamborghinis for hire . You will experience an exclusive level of service and the latest models added to the fleet regularly. Lamborghini is a division of Volkswagen, which because of this ludicrous emissions saga will not be spraying much cash around in the foreseeable future. Which means Lamborghini will have no funds to develop a hybrid supercar of its own. Which means it will be stuck with what it’s got now for quite a while. Which in many ways is no bad thing, because what it has got now is the best car it has yet made: the Aventador. lamborghini-aventador Inside, an Aventador is very dramatic, with a starter button that hides under the sort of red flap that you normally find over the Fire Missile button in the cockpit of a fighter jet. But if you actually look at all the stuff carefully. We have an absolute gem for you to hire. The Lamborghini Aventador is stunning to look at and a joy to drive. We also have a Lamborghini Huracan request a callback through our contact page or telephone us on 0207 971 7250 and let our crew tell you more about them.