Make money from your supercar

Would you like your supercar to generate revenue for you when it isn’t being used? Or maybe you’re just finding it hard to keep up with the costs involved? Either way, here at Prestige Car Club UK, we have a Profit from Your Car Program that can help you to bring in some much-appreciated extra cash.

A supercar is a major investment, serving as a status symbol while also attracting some significant costs. You’ll often need to pay to keep it stored in a secure garage and maintain it, while any future supercar purchases are also affected by the amount of depreciation that your present vehicle suffers. So wouldn’t it be great if you could find a way of paying for some of those major expenses?

Here at Prestige Car Hire UK, we specialise in making supercars available for hire, sometimes for as short a time as one day and on other occasions, for as long as several months. Enquire about our Profit from Your Car Program today to see just how much your asset could make for you!

Combat the recession with help from your vehicle

You won’t need to have looked at the news headlines any time recently to be aware of the financial pressures that more and more of us are coming under as a result of the recession. With jobs being lost and existing pay packets decreasing in size, some of us can just no longer afford luxuries like a super car. Or can we?

After all, you may have considered whether you can make money from their existing assets as a means of paying your outstanding bills and keeping up your present lifestyle. In much the same way as some of us buy houses to rent them out, so some of us may choose to let our supercars so that we can derive an income from them.
Supercars, after all, are highly desirable machines that aren’t always easy to use on an everyday basis in the real world. You might imagine exhilarating drives down country B-roads with the wind in your hair. In reality, however, it’s just as likely that your supercar will end up sat in a garage for week after week, due to owner boredom or a simple lack of time.

Money in your pocket when you take advantage of our Profit from Your Car Program

As you can see from our website, here at Prestige Car Hire UK, we specialise in bringing high performance vehicles to a wide range of enthusiasts, including on a contract hire basis. As a result, we can offer you the rare opportunity to let your supercar, allowing you to offset costs such as servicing, road tax, insurance, depreciation and petrol.

It all starts when you book a full consultation with us, by phoning 0207 971 7250. This is your chance to ask us questions, and for us to help you to make the most of letting your supercar without suffering any of the pitfalls. The consultation takes about an hour, is free of charge and involves us discussing with you such aspects as the pros and cons of hiring and how much money you can expect to make from hiring out your vehicle.

When you hire out your supercar with Prestige Car Hire UK, you are more or less playing the role of the property landlord, with us as the equivalent of the estate agent. We will essentially manage your investment for you, allowing you to cover all costs and make a profit.

But why should you trust Prestige Car Hire UK?

Prestige Car Hire UK has been serving its supercar contract hire clients for years, so it knows how to ensure that a car is insured, maintained and only hired by fully vetted and responsible clients. We allow a wide range of individuals to enjoy the supercar lifestyle on a flexible and affordable basis, and we happily extend our courtesy and high standard of service to those who hire out their cars with us, making sure that their vehicles are well looked-after.

Let your car with the right supercar contract hire specialist, Prestige Car Hire UK. Simply call us now, on 0207 971 7250

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